The virus isn’t discriminating based on religious beliefs or political ideologies. Humanity is one in the eyes of the virus. So, subscribing to divisive beliefs isn’t our pass to safety. The notion of majority or minority isn’t going to distract the virus. We are ONE.

The virus is agnostic to socio-economic standing, color, caste, designation and net worth.

The irony is that, through unfortunate circumstances, the pandemic teaches us a vital lesson of staying united. This isn’t the time for division but unity. This isn’t the time for politics but cohesiveness. Division will accelerate destruction, but through unity we can hope to find solutions.

In this hour, the most powerful person isn’t the one on a platform but the one who serves their fellow humans.

It indeed is the time to physically distanced but to not be disconnected from the needs of those who can’t help themselves. Not sure about lockdowns, but I’m certain about opening up of eyes, hearts and hands to the needs of others. Do whatever is within your power to help someone else.

The pall of gloom and death hovers around us, reminding us of the brevity and the fragility of life. Pause, introspect and realize the true valuables of life. The noisy television debates, the entertainment glitz, the lust for power and profit margins — where do they rank? Right now access to a hospital bed, Remdesivir injection, oxygen, the vaccine — these are all critical and life saving. At a higher level, a loved one surviving and freeing themselves from the iron-fisted grip of the virus is all that matters.

And yeah, before I wrap this up, a significant lesson is that in the era of artificial intelligence, never shut the door on common sense. Just masking up, washing up and maintaining social distance will actually do wonders. I know it sounds too simple to be taken seriously but that’s exactly the nature of common sense. When we choose to ignore common sense, it will come back to haunt us.

So even as we face a monumental human crisis, let’s not forget the lessons of unity, equality, being humane by being others-focused. Let’s not forget the right priorities and the importance of using common sense.

Stay safe, stay wise and above all stay human.

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