Rajiv Chelladurai has over 25 years of experience in the corporate world having worked for some of the leading business entities which include the Tata’s, Birla’s, Max New York Life Insurance, and BPL. In his last assignment, Rajiv was the Chief Distribution Excellence Officer at Tata AIA life Insurance Co. Ltd. and a key member of the Executive Committee.
During his distinguished career, Rajiv has donned several roles which include Sales and Distribution, Driving Innovation, leading Digital Interventions and championing critical Organizational Transformation initiatives. What makes Rajiv stand out is the fact that he began his career as a front-line sales executive and has climbed the corporate ladder to be part of the CXO team. This journey has assisted him to know and understand on a first-hand basis the mindset and organizational requirement of various levels across the hierarchy.
Rajiv is a certified Executive & Life coach. He is also a certified EQi Coach and Assessor as well as a certified Heartstyles Leadership assessor and coach.
He has authored a couple of books and his third book is titled “Fearless in Battle”. Rajiv is a sought-after speaker in the corporate and education circles. He has been featured on Radio stations to share his thoughts on various topics. He has done his PGDBA in Marketing from Symbiosis and MA (Public Administration).
Rajiv has currently set up his own organization ‘ERGOS MIND’ to use his skill, expertise and experience he has gained during his corporate stint to add value to corporate organizations and educational institutions. He specializes in facilitating several workshops across various topics ranging from Leadership, Emotional Intelligence for leadership and competencies for success thereby enhancing productivity in organizations.


In 2017, Rajiv founded Ergos Mind, an organization that specializes in transformation that focuses on individual internal change to bring about external organizational impact. Often organizations tend to focus on changing things in individuals and teams at a surface level but overlook the power of the ‘mind’!
The ‘mind’ is where most battles are fought, where decisions are made and where inspiration is birthed. Change and growth in organizations and individuals is only lasting when it come from ‘inside-out’ rather than ‘outside-in’.

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The Purpose Project program is a carefully curated program to help an individual not just find out what their unique purpose in life is but also take actionable steps towards living it out to the fullest. The program is a four-step process that includes an online quiz, a workshop, one-on-one coaching and a support group.
It will provide you with a sense of renewed confidence and fulfillment like never before. It will also create an impact and help you take purposeful action on elements that can set you on paths to success.

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“Be prepared for the worst, your daughter isn’t going to make it,” said the doctor. I froze! In an instant my strength left me. As parents, we felt hopeless and helpless. Yet in that precise moment, we cried out to God. Would He hear? Would He answer? Would our daughter survive? I invite you to join me, as I trace the hand of God through my daughter’s fight for life. As you read this book, I believe that you will discover not just answers to tough questions but a coping strategy for life’s adversities.

We all know where to go when we need to tone and shape our physical bodies – we hit the gym. But, do we spend enough time for toning, shaping and building up wisdom in our lives? Wisdom Workout is a practical journey through some very relevant areas in our life and how to exercise wisdom in it. The ‘workout’ process includes a set of questions based on the author’s thoughts that are crafted with an intent to get you thinking, re-thinking and getting hands-on with the rational execution of the thought in your life. The book will challenge, push and exhort you to strive for excellence in your personal and professional life.

God’s Instructions For Today inspires readers to constantly look at the Word of God for guidance and apply its principles in every situation of life. The book clearly emphasizes the need of building life on the strong foundation which is the Word of God. This will be a helpful guide to motivate us to adopt a Life Style based on biblical values.