Negative situations, unpleasant circumstances, and painful scenarios are often opportunities for us to develop character. The irony is that if life contained only positives and bliss, we wouldn’t grow in maturity and temperament. Just as light requires darkness to shine through, other moral qualities require challenges to thrive. Take a look at some of these contradictions:
  • Faith requires a situation of fear for it to act.
  • Conviction needs the opposition of contrarian views to stand out.
  • Character requires the option of compromise for it to work.
  • Perseverance requires suffering for it to be displayed.
  • Patience requires stressful situations for it to operate.
  • Inner strength requires adversity for it to grow.
  • Hope requires hopelessness for it to function.
  • Courage requires uncertainty for it to function.
  • A solution mindset requires a problem to solve.
  • Forgiveness requires a conflict for it to be operative.
So, if you are facing some of these difficult and discomforting situations, instead of avoiding them, choose to respond well. In doing so, you will grow in maturity and character.

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