Do you frequently feel dissatisfied or frustrated with being unable to get what you planned to do?

Do you feel time is quickly running out and you aren’t able to show proof of your intrinsic potential?

Relax, here are five practical things that you can do to overcome this conundrum

1. Act on your niche , work on your strengths – Doing this gives you the best chance to create maximum value and personal satisfaction . Doing what comes naturally to you and that which you are passionate about always energizes you while generating a lot of satisfaction in the process.

2. Focus is paramount – The greater your levels of focus are, the greater your productivity will be. Not just higher productivity but focus positively impacts the ease of the task .Guard your focus.Identify what robs your focus and eliminate it. For me keeping my phone away when focusing on something important helps . Understand what aids your focus and do more of it. For some, working with music in the background helps.

3. Match the task with your energy flow : Carey Nieuwhof in his book “At your best” teaches this important principle. Understand your energy flow during the day. Identify your high,medium and low energy phases. Use your high energy phase during the day to deal with work that requires your highest focus . If you aren’t intentional about this there is a good probability that you could end up trying to use a low energy phase of the day to work on something really important and guess what, the work doesn’t get done or gets done poorly.

4. Work at your pace and not somebody else’s – Set standards that work for you. Don’t set standards based on someone else’s ability. You are unique and it is critical that you find your own pace and by doing so you will be able to optimize value. Also keep in mind to not set standards that are too low.

5. Stop feeling guilty,instead take decisive action – The way to stop feeling stuck is by deciding to move forward. Set up focus time slots on your calendar. Eliminate distraction. Don’t overthink. Celebrate small wins. Be intentional with acting on your daily success ritual .

Follow these simple steps and before you know it you will be regularly creating a lot of value.

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