1. Authentic joy is not found on screen but off-screen.

2. Few meaningful friendships matter much more than thousands of followers on social media.

3. An encouraging word matters more than many virtual likes.

4. Contributing brings more satisfaction than hoarding.

5. Peace of mind is the greatest possession; when you have it, you are truly rich.

6. Not everyone is going to like you; that’s fine, accept it.

7. If everyone agrees with you, introspect if you are compromising on your convictions.

8. Your life’s journey is unique. Embrace it.

9. Don’t try to live according to someone else’s definition of success.

10. Family is your greatest fortune. Treat them as royalty.

11. Discipline keeps you spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically healthy.

12. Reading assists thinking. Writing assists speaking.

13. Small gestures create a big impact.

14. Keeping your word is the best way to create a good impression.

15. Don’t feel guilty to take a break. Feel guilty if you don’t.

16. You cannot over-exercise unhealthy eating habits.

17. You cannot control life, but you have to learn to accept and adapt to it.

18. Love achieves more than hate.

19. Truth cannot be hidden; it will always surface.

20. FOMO (Fear of missing out) is an illusion; don’t be deceived by it.

21. The secret to long-term success is to overcome instant gratification.

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