I pass down to you lessons that I wished I learnt at your age

  1. Never forget how God has led your parents this far and He will lead you too as you choose to honour and serve Him
  2. The most valuable things in life are family, friends, faith and health and these cannot be bought by money. Pursue after them!
  3. A higher income doesn’t make you financially secure but living below your means will
  4. Not everyone is going to like or approve of you, that’s fine! What matters is that you respect yourself
  5. Who you are as a person matters more than what you achieve
  6. Pursue excellence, not perfection. Don’t be satisfied with doing your job but do your very best
  7. Don’t take yourself too seriously be intentional to laugh and have fun
  8. If you don’t win at home it doesn’t matter what you win outside of home
  9. Take that risk. Every time you feel uncomfortable is when you put yourself in a position to grow
  10. Choose to be nice instead of being popular
  11. Live according to your definition of success and not somebody else’s
  12. Be comfortable admitting your mistakes. That is a sign of authenticity and vulnerability
  13. If you aren’t humble then your hustle is meaningless
  14. Read a minimum of 10 pages of a good book daily, listen to an inspiring podcast once a week, write down your thoughts
  15. Be generous with compliments and stingy with criticism
  16. Respect women and treat the woman you love as a princess
  17. Be faithful with the small things
  18. Whatever it takes honour your word
  19. Travel and see the world. Create memories that will outlive you
  20. Invest in your health – Play a sport or be regular at the gym or go for a walk daily
  21. The struggle is where strength is built, make the best of a struggle
  22. Remember that It’s perfectly fine for a man to cry
  23. Always look for the bright side in every situation
  24. Do something to feed your mind, strengthen your spirit and exercise the body daily
  25. Choose your friends wisely. Have friends that will build, challenge and who will hold you accountable

Do this my son and you would have lived a life that matters!

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