1. Discipline requires a definitive goal or purpose

The clearer the “why “the greater will the self ownership of discipline be. However if the goal isn’t clear or strong the tendency to be disciplined will be weak

2. Discipline is being decisive about what you allow your self to do and not to do

Being absolutely clear about what is permissible and what is not is mandatory when it comes to discipline. This applies to any goal be it weight loss, an academic goal or just about anything else . Having both a “To do “ list and a “Not to do “ list is critical

3. Discipline requires diligence in following a routine

For discipline to be effective adhering to a daily routine is a must. A daily routine ensures that you are travelling in the direction of your goal each day. The routine moves you from being ad hoc to intentional in your approach

4. Discipline requires determination to not be feeling led but to be conviction driven

Most times goals are not achieved because we fall into the “feeling” trap. Hence we allow our feelings to drive our behaviour. Our moods determine our action. We end up being sporadic in doing what we should. Discipline requires us to be driven by conviction . So we do what we should whether we feel like it or not.

5. Discipline requires the dismantling of distractions

There exists an inverse relationship between distraction and discipline. For discipline to have its full effect it is important to eliminate potential distractors. So when you are trying to focus -Turn of mobile data.Let people know that you wouldn’t want to be disturbed. Learn to say “No” instead of agreeing to every request that comes your way.

6. Discipline requires dogged consistency

Discipline is a lifestyle. It isn’t a seasonal activity. It is a daily thing . Consistency trumps intensity. You are either consistently disciplined or not disciplined. It is an either-or and not an and. Discipline and consistency go hand in hand.

7. Discipline requires dedication to finish

A finisher’s mindset is important for a practitioner of discipline. You need motivation to start and discipline to finish. The fruit of discipline is achieved only by finishing.

Discipline may seem daunting but the lack of discipline will leave you defeated

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