Living without boundaries promises freedom but in reality leaves us imprisoned. Addictions, strongholds and unhealthy habits are the results of no boundaries.

Boundaries seem to create a sense of deprivation. A “fear of missing out“. However, the absence of boundaries causes one to mess up.

Living with boundaries may seem to be dull compared to a life without boundaries which seems to promise excitement and the thrill of pleasure. In reality, boundaries provide safety and the lack of them ends up being dangerous.

Focus and clarity are an outcome of living with boundaries while distraction and clutter are the consequences of having no boundaries.

Boundaries are decisions made in advance and they assist in overcoming temptation that derails. While living without boundaries only serves to be consumed by the slippery slope of moral failure and indisciplined living.

Living with boundaries build credibility living without boundaries destroys credibility

Boundaries are defence mechanisms and are safe harbours. They keep you standing the absence of them will lead to a fall

Lack of boundaries can prove to be expensive while boundaries cause you to prosper and this is true in any facet of life.

You will stray without boundaries but you will stay on course with boundaries

Boundaries serve to protect the absence of them leave you open to attack.

So in what areas do you need to install boundaries? Start with boundaries in the mind and do it now!

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